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Anguilla’s Night Life

Anguilla's night life can be best described as laid back fun where locals mix easily with visitors to create an unforgettable experience.  It is certainly one not to be missed.   Whether you are interested in food, beverage or live band and DJs, there is something for everyone. Throughout their history, Anguillians have expressed their individuality through music and song.  Their ancestors brought back music from all over the region and the world… usually with a uniquely Anguillian twist.

Take a moment to enjoy the wide variety of musical experiences available: tinkling steel pans, pulsating reggae, hip-swaying calypso, soca, zouk and mellow jazz. There are many versatile one-man bands that perform at the various restaurants and night spots throughout the island. The string bands even in this day and age will surprise you, as the banjo plays and the crude bath-pan bass set the beat.  


Sleepy Sandy Ground wakes up at night.  The beach bars of this village opens with food, drinks, laughter, music and dancing from one sandy stop to the next.  Come and hear Reggae at Pump House, Soca and Jazz at Johnnos.  Elvis’ Beach Bar and Ripples are great bites as well as great bars.  Try SandBar for tapas and martinis to get you going.   Dance at an open-air beach bar, intimate restaurant, popular disco or just mash sand under the stars.  Or, just enjoy them all!

Anguilla’s Original Sound - You cannot leave Anguilla without checking out Anguilla’s own British Dependency Band for original music and original sound.   We guarantee it is nothing like you’ve heard before, true artistry at its best!  Check out their live performances at Veya Restaurant and Smokey’s and  beginning at 6:00pm and 7:30pm. To learn more about British Dependency, click the following link

The Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre - The Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre group is one of Anguilla's longest-serving cultural heritage organizations. It comprises a caste of dedicated male and female performers who, after being on stage for many years, still continue to entertain and thrill residents and visitors alike with their narrations, folkloric songs, music and dance of Anguilla's glorious cultural past. Performances can be seen at Anacoana Boutique Hotel on Thursday evenings.  It’s a beautiful show with traditional costumes featuring the old time days of Anguilla.  Enjoy a very tasty Anguillian Buffet beginning at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:30pm.

Check our local listings or ask our concirege for more details about nightly Hot Spots!

Night Tours – A unique operation Anguilla Access offers visitors a “guided night out.  The tour operator picks you up at the West End of Meads Bay, right outside participating hotels and villas every hour starting from 9pm with returns every hour until closing time.