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Frank's Place (rented Until Dec 2020)

Location: West End
1 - 3 Bedrooms,  1 - 3 Baths, Screens, Safe, Parking, Non Smoking, Near Restaurants, Microwave, Linens, Laundry, Iron/Ironing Board, Fully Furnished, Fully Fenced, Dryer, Digital Cable TV, Cooking Gas, Coffee Maker, Close to shops, Close to schools, Close to Beach, Ceiling Fans, Blender, Air-conditioning (Fully)

Property Description

Frank’s Place, is a 3 bedroom house for rent in West End just past the Shell Gas station.

The house is located in a peaceful and quiet neighbouhood.  Fully furnished, with all the amenities, all rooms have air condition and screens.  It also has a large garage and laundry complete with washer and dryer and is fully fenced with ample yard space.

Frank’s Place is just a few minutes drive from conveniences such as the Cove Beach, Smokey’s Restaurant, the Shell Gas Station, Art Galleries, Restaurants and Groceries.


Bedroom 1 - Master bedroom with ensuite bath and air-condition and ceiling fans and safe
Bedroom 2 - Queen size bed with ensuite bath, air-condition and ceiling fans,
Bedroom 3 - Queen size bed with ensuite bath, air-condition and ceiling fans,

Monthly Rate:

US$2000.00 per month. Yard maintenance included.  

Utilities and housekeeping are extra.


Frank’s Place offers a good supply of cistern water, therefore you would be charged only when you run out and this would be in the case of exceptional use.

Property Details

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