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R & S Apartment #2

Location: The Farrington
1 - 2 Bedrooms,  1 - 1 Baths, Washing Machine, View, Refrigerator, Microwave, Linens, Iron/Ironing Board, Highspeed Wireless Internet, Fully Furnished, Flat Panel Televisions, Dryer, Cooking Gas, Ceiling Fans, Blender

Property Description

This spacious 2 bedroom apartment is now available for your next long-term stay on Anguilla. The apartment is located in The Farrington in a quiet neighbourhood, just 5- 7 minutes from the St. James School of Medicine, grocery shopping and Hospital.  The owners are avid lovers of plants and this is evident by the well manicured, lush, tropical gardens.

Beautifully decorated, this apartment is located on the second floor where you are greeted by a large spacious veranda great for relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze. It comes fully furnished with large kitchen space and ample cabinet storage.  Dining table seats 6.  A large double door east of the dining room opens up onto a balcony letting in an abundance of cool tropical breeze.  

The bedrooms have ceiling fans only.  However, this apartment lacks no breeze with its high ceilings creating a cool atmosphere.   The bedrooms share a bath and each one has its own balcony. 

A washer and dryer complete this lovely apartment.


2 Bedrooms- All bedrooms have Queen Beds

Rate:  Reduced Rate. Contact us for details  

Utilities are included. Conditions apply


Property Details

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